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Climate Change Policy and the New World Order

This post on Climate Etc. got me thinking about one of the most-oft repeated mantras of the more paranoid part of the denialist crowd — that global warming is just a big hoax by statists hoping to enlarge social control, create one world government, increase taxes and other scary things. Punkster is an example of […]

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“Climategate” One Year Later: Much Ado About Next To Nothing Much

It’s been a year since I was pulled back into the climate wars. I’d been a frequent visitor and sometime poster before the CRU email hack – aka “Climategate” – but had been busy with other matters, work and personal and so I had been absent for probably a year or more from the climate […]

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Don’t worry. Be happy.

I was ill earlier this week and spent my time on the couch watching youtube. Of course, being the wonk that I am, I spent my youtube time not watching funny cats or silly dancing girls and men, but watching videos about global warming. I watched Bjorn Lomborg’s five part series, “The Facts About the […]

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