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Interesting Note on the FOIs

Eli Rabett has a great post over at Rabett Run on the FOI requests and the CRU data issue. Here, for old time’s sake, is the link to the CA thread on the CRU data, in which Steve McIntyre urges people to issue FOI requests for confidentiality agreements. Here is McI: Let me review the […]

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Himalaya Glaciers, IPCC and 2035

Over at Climate Audit, my new most favorite place for a good laugh, and head shake, McI has another post about the Himalaya 2035 IPCC AR4 mistake. One might think, given the coverage on his blog, that he’s … gloating? No. Not the puzzle solver. He’s just solving puzzles. Not speculating about motives or attacking […]

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Petty Petty Puzzler

Over at Climate Audit, McIntyre has a post on a line from one of the EA emails.  It’s all about the Y2K correction and the comment that someone should “hide” the article by Hansen “”. Here is the quote: Jim, please check if everything is fine. Robert, please move to the CU site and hide […]

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