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BEST Study Confirms: Elvis, Skeptic UHI Claim Dead

For years, certain climate contrarians and self-styled skeptics have suggested that the temperature records have been contaminated by illegitimate adjustments, poor siting of instruments and the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect, such that the increase in temperature observed during the past century is due, not to greenhouse gas associated warming, but to non-GHG factors, fudging […]

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Witch Hunts, Inquisitions and the Denialist Attack on Climate Science

Here’s a post by the American Tradition Institute (ATI) up at WTFIUWT about James Hansen “raking it in“. I guess that if you can’t destroy a scientist’s work, you can always try to destroy the scientist’s reputation and thus attempt via an ad hominem attack to cast a shadow of doubt in the public’s mind […]

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Open Thread #7

I’ve been starting and stopping a number of posts on various climate science topics, but have been diverted by one thing or another at work or home and never got round to finishing them properly. So instead of trying to finish them, I’ve decided to post them as teasers in this open thread. As with […]

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