Archive | November, 2011

Recycled Chum aka Denier Bait

It’s deja vu all over again in the climate denialosphere. Perhaps you, like me, have this very strong feeling that we’ve been here, done this, read the emails, saw the inquiry reports and realized it was all just a bunch of climate chum meant to confuse the issue and cast suspicion over the science to […]

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Denialist Porn-Chum — A New Low

I am gobsmacked — literally gobsmacked at the latest from McIntyre… A long detailed post about the a scandal around one of Yale’s star academics and its failure to deal with the allegations of child molestation raised against him. McIntyre links this to the current Penn State scandal. Of course we’re all familiar with another […]

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“A Combustible Mixture of Ignorance and Power”

Climate deniers and contrarians are always warning their audience of the dangers of appeals to authority and the importance of skepticism, but if you look at their published words closely, you find an absence of real skepticism (note how they glom onto every paper that appears at first blush to find the opposite of the consensus without […]

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