The Data Files

This page will be used to create a detailed chronology of the various requests for data by skeptics, the responses, the data availability, and any posts, comments and media coverage of same.

This will be a work in progress. If you have any links to sources, excerpts, or other information and wish to contribute, please leave it in the comments.  I will be setting up a spreadsheet on my computer to keep track of each request and the particulars and will see what kind of format to publish it and where.

I don’t want to see any debate on this page — just links to data or papers, etc. Also, this is not going to be the final format for the document / page — just a place to post links to various data, posts, comments, etc. that contain info useful to the project.

ETA: I’m going to just link to all data sources that I come across, even if they won’t be used in the project, so this page will be for any and all climate related data.

22 Responses to “The Data Files”

  1. Here’s a link to all of Steve McIntyre’s Data:

  2. CRU Data – Osborn and Briffa’s data from IPCC AR4:

  3. Tree Ring Data – Osborn and Briffa — Schweingruber Tree Ring Set:

  4. IPCC Data Distribution Centre:

    IPCC CLimate Observations Data:

  5. Real Climate has a comprehensive page of data availability:

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