Archive | December, 2011

Karma Bites

Interesting development in the climtategate front. Apparently, the Norfolk Constabulary made a visit to Tallbloke’s home with warrant in hand and a request to see his computer cache. I gotta say it — 20 computers in his attic? The response in the comments of Tallbloke’s post are hilarious! Here’s Smokey: Science blogging: Encrypt Encrypt Encrypt […]

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One Climate Treaty to Rule Them All

You don’t need to watch the Comedy Channel to find great comedy any more. All you have to do, thanks to the wonders of the Intertubes, is to visit WTFIUWT and spend some time reading both the guest posts and the commentary. Be prepared to lose several heapings of IQ in doing so, but it’s […]

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Fun With Picasa

Over at Bishop Hill, there’s another cartoon up by Josh. I had a little fun with Picasa… What’dya think’s the real problem? Donna or my idea?

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