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Washington Post Editorial on Abuse of FOIA to Harass Climate Scientists

I was very glad to see this editorial in the WaPo, which I excerpt below: FREEDOM OF information laws are critical tools that allow Americans to see what their leaders do on their behalf. But some global warming skeptics in Virginia are showing that even the best tools can be misused. Lawyers from the Environmental Law […]

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Accurate, Detailed and Technical Commentary

Over at CA, Steve McIntyre wrote this in response to one of my posts: Here’s Steve: Steve McIntyre Posted May 27, 2011 at 9:55 PM | Permalink | Reply I try to be accurate in my commentary, If you think that my commentary has been inaccurate, I’d appreciate it if you would direct me to specific errors so that […]

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Why Wegman Matters

Readers around the climate-o-sphere will be familiar with the great work done by Deep Climate and John Mashey back in 2009/2010 pointing out questionable scholarship in the Wegman Report (W06) and in Wegman’s subsequent work with Said and others. As DC points out, and DeSmog details, a paper by Said, Wegman et al 2008 has been […]

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