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More lies, damned lies and statistics…

Over at Open Mind, Tamino has done it again – pointing out errors in the “skeptic” so-called science used to deny global warming. He reviews the work of Steven Goddard posted at Watts Up With That, which claims that it’s getting increasingly snowy over the Northern Hemisphere — an increase according to his data of […]

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Turtles all the way down

One of the favorite claims of ‘skeptics’ — and I’m growing more and more hesitant about using that term without scary quotes because there just doesn’t seem to be any real ones around, at least as far as I can see — is that NASA or NOAA or CRU or other climate researchers selectively alter […]

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Post-Normal Science or [Pseudo] Sort of Science?

This post is just for my own amusement. Feel free to comment but I don’t expect a lot of dialogue since this is just because I’ve been reading the literature on “post-normal” science and am finding it quite enlightening and entertaining at the same time. So I’m strange like that. 😀 I’d heard about “post-normal science” […]

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