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Trenberth on the real travesty

Over at “A Few Things Ill Considered” Coby posts about Trenberth’s recent article in The Daily Camera on the travesty that is the way his email commenting on the “travesty” of being unable to account for the lack of warming is being misrepresented around the net. Coby writes: It is a constantly, and often intentionally, […]

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Origins of the IPCC or Houston, we have a problem…

My primary interest in this is to know what is correct regarding global warming, but as a policy analyst and someone with a background in social science and the history and logic of science, I can’t help but be interested in this whole mess as a social / political / cultural phenomenon.  As a public […]

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Piece By Piece – The AGW Side

The questions in the public sphere — which is my natural subject matter — are whether we’re facing a meltdown or whether it’s all a big hoax. I’m not claiming these are the right questions — I’m claiming these are the questions being debated. You may rightfully think they are false alternatives but the public […]

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