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On Pillar Toppling

I have a day off today and have been surfing a number of websites looking at elements of the skeptic criticism of AGW theory. Chylek’s letter got me thinking about these pillars he sees as being undermined by the CRU emails and why I have been so little moved by all the evidence skeptics have […]

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What did it for me?

The last couple of weeks have been a watershed for me in terms of my own thinking about AGW. I entered into the post-climategate world with a willingness to see if the emails turned up evidence of a quality and quantity necessary to undermine the foundations of AGW, which I take to be the dominant […]

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Piece By Piece – The AGW Side

The questions in the public sphere — which is my natural subject matter — are whether we’re facing a meltdown or whether it’s all a big hoax. I’m not claiming these are the right questions — I’m claiming these are the questions being debated. You may rightfully think they are false alternatives but the public […]

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