Archive | January 26, 2010

Mea Culpa : IPCC and “Gray” Literature

A mea culpa. I’ve heard repeated the statement that the IPCC is supposed to only use “peer-reviewed” literature in its reports so many times, I assumed it was true. ETA: I’ll use this post to record the other mea culpas out there from media and bloggers who repeated the misinformation. Here, thanks to Climateprogress, are the […]

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Amazongate Porkies – I’ll start my collection here

I’m not defending actual mistakes — I will do a separate post on the IPCC and floods issue later, once I’ve done a bit of sleuthing myself.  But there are lies and obfuscation circulating now that I would like to track, including about the Amazongate issue. Amazongate is gaining traction in the blogospew.  Now, there […]

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