Barton, Apologies and Apologetics

For others, it might have been a shake-head, face-palm moment but not for me. Barton obviously gave away his true feelings when he apologized to poor BP over the terrible treatment it has received at the hands of the Obama administration. Boo hoo.

He knows who butters his bread.

Finally a bit of truth, and for that I am appreciative.

Of course, the Republican Party recognize it for what it was and forced Barton to retract, and now he has, but let’s be serious, how can anyone take anything he has said and will say about this crisis  — and global warming — seriously? The man takes more money from big oil than others in the House. I mean, seriously, he actually apologized to BP for his government trying to ensure that BP ponies up to ensure that those affected by the disaster will be compensated — before BP can avoid paying the way that EXXON has done so up in Alaska.

This little escapade is just a perfect illustration — a microcosm — of the problem we face when it comes to getting climate legislation enacted.

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10 Responses to “Barton, Apologies and Apologetics”

  1. The only shakedown has been the $20 billion BP had to commit to, not the more realistic figure of $63 billion. Exxon have still only stumped up a fraction of the money they owe for the aftermath of the Exxon-Valdes disaster. How many years ago did that happen?

    Still, a sign of a wind change against Big Oil may be illustrated by the piss-taking going on over at

    For example:

    “imsorrybp that I walked my dog just now instead of taking him for a drive.”

    “We Gulf Coast residents should quit whining and realize it’s not an oil spill. It’s BP’s new home delivery program.”

    “ImsorryBP For putting the health of American shores and wetlands ahead of your profits. Those are things. Corporations are people!”

    “ImsorryBP that our little fuel efficient car mostly sits around while I take public transit & my husband rides his bike. Our bad.”

    “imsorryBP That time I shorted you the 3 cents when I filled my tank. I’ll drop a $100 off today to make up for it. Can’t stand the guilt.”

    Twitter feed:

    I don’t fancy Barton’s chances when it comes to re-election time.

  2. Sure is the very same Barton who got Wegman to do a separate analysis of the hockey stick even though the NAS offered (Wegman’s even a member of the NAS). Most peculiar.

    Turns out he’s also the biggest recipient of fossil fuel “donations”. Go figure. American voters are trying to figure it out, too.

  3. Watching the Deniers Reply June 21, 2010 at 5:54 pm

    Rather shameful really. Nor was I aware he was behind the attack on Mann’s “hockey stick”.

  4. I don’t fancy Barton’s chances when it comes to re-election time.

    Oh, you are wrong there, very wrong unfortunately.

  5. There’s an actual chance you might be wrong on that one, dhogaza 😉

    Only 18 Percent Of Texans Think Rep. Joe ‘I’m Sorry BP’ Barton Was Right To Apologize

  6. Unfortunately, a large fraction of those 18% are likely to reside in Barton’s home district.

  7. “Unfortunately, a large fraction of those 18% are likely to reside in Barton’s home district.”

    He’s a Senator, so J Bowers’ data is interesting. He’ll get re-elected, though.

  8. OMG, dhogaza,

    You really had me scared there for a minute. But no, he’s still only a congresscritter. 6th Dist, Tx

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