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Shooting the Messenger — Denialism and the EPA Endangerment Finding

This is how it’s done, folks. You don’t like the findings of science? It’s too ‘inconvenient’ to you for whatever reason — economic, political, ideological? Too many billions of dollars in profits to make? Too many lush political contributions to garner? Too many ideological beliefs that threaten your identity if shattered? Two options: like George […]

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Keystone XL Pipeline — Game Over?

It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the climate blogosphere. Perhaps the biggest news that has hardly garnered any headlines is the protest taking place on a daily basis and acts of civil disobedience by those hoping to call attention to the Keystone XL Pipeline, which is still under review by the Obama Admin. […]

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Is the perfect the enemy of the good?

In his latest book, The God Species, Mark Lynas argues that the green movement has been its own worst enemy in demanding perfection in climate policy when it is unachievable and results in forgoing “good enough” or “better than nothing.” Is this the case? Are green activists responsible for the failure of the political efforts […]

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