On bullies

A note on posts that contain direct personal slurs: if you can’t make your argument without a personal slur, your post will be ignored. If you want me to respond, put on your big boy pants and do not use personal slurs. If all you want to do is vent, I’ll leave your posts up but won’t respond.

I was looking for old tags so familiar to the olden days


but I don’t think those tags are enabled on WordPress.  Probably for good reason, as web pages with them were so annoying, but if I could use it, I would edit such posts and include the nasty words in blinking marquee lights just for a good laugh.

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4 Responses to “On bullies”

  1. Oh boo hoo; ever the victim.

    Well, that act wore thin the first time you appeared on CA, and it hasn’t gotten any better with time.

    Go home. Find a man. Do some suffering and work out those personal issues.

    Ban me for this, I care not. Chances are anyway I WON’T be back.

    Moshpit did a fine enough job ‘dressing you down’ as it is.

  2. Ignore a slur ?? Just like I do when you use the ultimate climate science slur and refer to people as deniers.

    And you use it frequently it seems.

    Nice gutter there girl. Keep digging.

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