CA Revisionism

Now you see him...

Now you don't.

Over at Climate Audit, I noticed that McI reinstated the comments of mine in the FOI Myth #1 post he deleted that sent me into the penalty box.

Nice move.

Note that I saved threads to show that not only were these posts “In moderation” but had been deleted. In other words, I went back and they were no longer showing that they were in moderation, so I expect McI had a change of heart — perhaps when my posts were discussed elsewhere such as at RCrejects.

Note to the sarcasm-impaired — I point this out only because I think it’s FUNNY PEOPLE!

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5 Responses to “CA Revisionism”

  1. “Revisionism” ????

    Oh for god’s sake girl get real . . . talks about pat yourself on the back hyperventilating that nobody, except yourself, gives a crap about.

    Keep digging, you’ll hit bottom soon enough.

  2. Fred, I and others give a crap. Maybe you should too. Funny, McI hyperventilates and pats himself on the back all the time….didn’t he hit rock bottom after lying about not having the Briffa data?

  3. Trust me, it is not revisionism.

    It is pity.

    Insight, I do hope you enjoy your crap. Don’t forget to wipe up carefully.

  4. I was not referring to ‘revisionism’ when I said that, but rather the hypocrisy of McI and how he claims to have an open blog when in reality he does not. Someone then turns on the heat and he flip flops.

    And you really do need to grow up Freddie.

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